Sunday, April 14, 2013

Syntax Error

It takes a special kind of person to fill such a hole,
inside the chest there lies a longing deep inside my soul.
And even if I die and heaven doesn't find me fitting,
I know there's always someone in the fire waiting for me.

It takes a funny little devil to cause such surprise,
like when you marry a thief and inherent his lies.
But even if I check my pockets and there's nothing there,
I know there's always someone on the block with change to spare.

It takes a mess of a man to burn every bridge he had,
but they all seemed too dangerous to let still stand.
But even if there's no escape from this island I've become stuck,
I know there's always someone in my cave whose warmth is enough.

It takes a heart of gold to shine the way you've shone,
and mine was always too much like stone.
But even if my weight carries me to the bottom of the sea,
I know there's always someone trying to swim with me.

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